Article | 12. 2018 Vol. 18, Issue. 6
Effects of oral health knowledge, attitude, and behavior on oral health impact profile of metabolic syndrome patients

Department of Dental Hygiene, Hanyang Women’s University1

2018.12. 1079:1090


Objectives: This study aims to provide fundamental data on seeking more effective programs for metabolic syndrome patients’ oral health by researching their knowledge, attitude and behaviors on oral health and considering the effects each factor has on the oral health impact profile. Methods: The research was conducted on 155 patients with metabolic syndrome who visited the metabolic syndrome center of S district between July 19th, 2016 and August27th, 2016. Results: When the subjects had experiences of oral treatment within the past year, which indicated lower quality of life in relation to oral health. Oral health knowledge had a positive correlation with oral health attitude (0.241) and oral health behaviors (0.362), had a negative correlation with oral health impact profile (-0.283). Oral health attitude showed a positive correlation with oral health behaviors (0.476) (p<0.001). Conclusions: By conducting a oral health promotion business among metabolic syndrome patients including a oral care and treatment program which aim to enhance the oral knowledge, attitude and behaviors and comprehensively manage the oral health education program, it is expected that their quality of life related to oral health could be further improved.

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